Stetson or Resistol? Shape Your Cowboy Hat to Fit your Head

cowboy hats resistol

When it comes to cowboy hats, wide brim hats, western hats or straw hats, you want to be able to get the right fit. You may have been to Walmart or some other store that sells hats, and tried on hats, but they just don’t fit your head quite right. If you come to us, we will help you find a hat that will fit your head, and we can shape it. We are a complete hat fitting store.

Choosing the right Hat

When we help you determine what hat you need, we try to find out if you have worn a Stetson or a Resistol hat before, what brim width you like, what color you are looking for, where you want the hat to sit on your head and whether you want a straw hat or a felt hat.

Then, we try to help you get the right fit for your head shape. We have hats for long oval heads, regular oval or egg shape heads, and round oval or round heads.  When we get the head shape determined, we take a look at the person’s face and see how the hat looks on his or her face. We can reshape a hat: we’ll take it and re-do the brim or shape it a little bit and really custom fit it a person’s particular face style, shape, height, depth or whatever to where it’s all balanced.

Wide Variety of Hats to Choose From

We carry a wide variety of hats including wide brim hats, western hats, men’s straw hats and cowboy hats. They come in many colors including light brown, dark brown, black, silver belly, and grey.  

Our felt hats come in a variety of price ranges and a wide selection of quality. Quality starts at three X which means it’s a combination of beaver and rabbit fur. Then we carry close to a 100 X quality, which it is beaver and cashmere. But as the quality standard of those Xs go up, the total quality of the hat, as well as its price, increases too.

Come in to our full service hat store at The Cowboy Supply in Pueblo, CO, and we will help you find the perfect hat with the perfect fit for your head.

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